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About SOS

Simply Office started as a small locally owned and operated dealer in Montana over thirty years ago. In 2008 we started the Distributorship program providing local entrepreneurs throughout the country the opportunity to start their own business using Simply Office‘s proven formula and resources.

The Simply Office‘s System works because its owner-Distributors are tightly focused on customer service providing fast, free and personal next day delivery. These locally owned and operated Distributors are able to successfully provide this front end service because our efficient national head office supports their Distributors with valuable administrative resources such as customer service, order processing, invoicing and accounts‘ receivables. The combined order-volume of all of our Distributors enables us to provide very competitive pricing to our customers as well as outstanding service.

Simply Office is a ‘non-stocking‘ dealer which means money isn‘t tied up in inventory that is stored in expensive retail or warehouse space waiting to be sold. This also means we don‘t have the resulting overhead and administrative expenses associated with staffing, purchasing and sales for these spaces.

We don‘t spend millions of dollars on advertising which the customer ultimately pays for through higher prices for their product. We have found that word-of-mouth advertising along with our logo which is clearly displayed on all of our delivery vans is better than any paid advertising.

These are just some of the reasons why we have the ability, not only to compete, but to exceed your expectations with price, service and product availability (over 60,000 products are available for next day delivery through our website).

So next time you are thinking of running to Staples or OfficeMax, think again. In addition to the gas you will probably be paying more for your product as well.

Part of our mission at Simply Office‘s of providing a valuable service to your local community is our commitment to giving back to your community. With each purchase of office supplies you earn tokens which act as cash you can then donate to your favorite local charity or school. Simply Office will match this donation to double the value of your tokens! You may also choose to redeem your earned tokens for gifts. Please visit our website to make a selection and we will take care of the rest. (Tokens are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase, some products do not accrue tokens. Accounts must be in good standing for tokens to be redeemed. Tokens are not the same as cash and may not be used to pay all or part of any account balance)

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